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Therapeutic Coaching!
Convenient and Effective

I am a seasoned, licensed mental health psychotherapist with over 25 years experience in traditional psychotherapy, with a private practice helping clients create better, happier lives, and a stronger sense of their self worth. 


In this new approach I offer an individually tailored treatment plan, extended sessions, and access to me between sessions.


This concierge approach is NOT your old-school “50-minute hour” where clients barely start getting into the deep work before “time is up.”  


Instead, we will have regularly scheduled extended sessions of 75 minutes, providing ample time for us to work on your identified goals and discuss your progress from session to session; what’s been helpful, where you’re getting stuck, and what concrete steps will keep you moving forward.


This is a collaborative approach -- and we both play a vital role in your success.  


When I take on a new client, I commit to being fully present and respectful to you during our cyber sessions, and I will be responsive between sessions. You can reach me via email and text as needed, to help support your progress.   


Your role will be to fully show up ready to be honest and forthcoming with your thoughts, feelings, hopes and needs -- and to be open minded to trying new responses to the problematic areas in your life.  


Our confidential conversations will help you understand yourself better, utilize your strengths -- which I believe every person has an abundance of -- and help you find increased happiness and life satisfaction.    


This is a DIFFERENT approach to therapy!!

As the saying goes: Same stuff in, same stuff out!!  


Together let’s find NEW strategies, responses and behaviors to help you reach your goals!

Licensed in Connecticut and Colorado:


CO SCW09925888

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