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Susan Gross


Therapist | Life Coach





Together we'll create 

effective life changes.

Confidential, Convenient and Effective  ONLINE Therapeutic Coaching!

I offer a solution-focused, concierge coaching service - combining decades of professional experience seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Ready to start making life changes? 

Let's make a change together.

There are many reasons a person seeks help with a struggle in their lives:



​Self Doubts


Pandemic Anxiety

Relationship conflicts with a partner, parent, child, friend

Career Direction Confusion

Self Esteem

Traumatic Event, both distant past and recent

Divorce/Relationship break-up Adjustment

Fear of Intimacy

Struggling with Loss; including people and pets  


I utilize many diverse treatment approaches best suited to meet your individual needs:


CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization

EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy

Psychoeducational Interventions

Relationship Coaching

Conflict Resolution Skills 

Communication Skills coaching

Affect Regulation Skills coaching

Grief Counseling; Complicated Grief Counseling

End of Life Issues

Trauma Therapy

Mindfulness Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation Coaching

Virtual tele-health sessions are convenient and effective. Together let’s find new strategies, responses and behaviors to help you get on a happier, more effective track in life.

You have offered me much more than healing therapy. And I am thankful.
Kind observations and compassionate understanding with genuine interest are not as typical in your line of work as you may think. Your caring manner and gentle style bring so much more to your practice than you know."


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